What Makes Us Different

We are people just like you, who once had the same dreams you have now, to change the course of your life by studying and developing a professional career overseas.

Twelve years ago we established the Superstudent Headquarters in Sydney. An agency and consultancy specialising in Australian Education and Immigration. We represent a range of quality English schools, technical schools and universities in Australia, which enables us to offer to our students a variety of courses across a broad range of subjects. Furthermore, we also assist in preparing the documentation and application for the visa process, booking accommodation, as well as local support, including assistance in finding employment.

Our directors are senior professionals who have been living in Australia for more than two decades. They have attended university in Sydney and have been involved with the Education and Immigration industry for many years. Our consultants are trained and constantly updated on the rules and procedures of the Departments of Education and Immigration. And we work with the continued assistance of three immigration agents who are ethical and competent professionals who also provide advice to organisations linked to the Department of Immigration Australia.

We are caring, friendly and sociable people and above all we understand your needs. We never forget how exciting and at the same time how scary it was to arrive in another country without friends and away from family. We know from experience that having someone to turn to who can offer comfort and words of encouragement makes all the difference.

This is how we have helped thousands of young people to realise their dream, as we have realised ours. Let us help you realise yours.

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Our Services

Educational Consultancy


We offer a wide range of services that facilitate the student through the exchange process.
Our services include:

  • Short, medium and long term study planning, according to the students goals and their financial capacity.

  • Advice and sale of English language courses, technical courses and university courses that best meet the student's objectives.

  • Enrolment in schools, arranging the compulsory health insurance.

  • Guidance in preparing the documents required in the process of obtaining the student visa.

  • Accommodation booking for your first month in Australia.

  • Providing useful information and travel recommendations before travelling to Australia such as: what documents to bring, how much money to bring to support you while you’re not working, the types of clothes you will need here as well as guidance on Australian culture.

  • Special assistance for students who bring family, including children.


We offer a very special ‘Local Support’ service to both our students and their families. This service is a phone number they can call 24/7 asking for anything they may need help with during their stay in Australia

We understand how comforting it is for students and family to know that in times of need, no matter the day or time, help is available with just one phone call.

Immigration Consulting


We work with the ongoing support of three immigration agents to provide personal advice and assistance to our students helping them to prepare documents, make applications and manage the process for obtaining a Student visa, Graduate, Business, Investor, Training, Permanent Residence, Defacto, Working Holiday and many other types of visas.

We also investigate the options for students wishing to stay permanently in Australia and prepare a strategic plan for obtaining permanent residence.

We are also able to provide special assistance to families with children, whose parents want to come to Australia either to study or for permanent residence.

Accommodation Booking

To accommodate our single students when they arrive in Australia, we work with some large local accommodation companies who manage home shares (accommodation) and rooms in a family home (home stay).

For students who come with family we work with a group of budget hotels who can provide accommodation while you’re looking for a flat or a house according to your taste and convenience. The search for housing families can be done by the family themselves or, if they prefer, they can hire the services of a professional who is experienced in accompanying newcomer families. In our database we have the details for several of these professionals experienced in assisting students and their families. Let us know if you would like to speak them.

Help for Employment

Superstudent pioneered in Australia the system to give formal support to students to help them gain entry into the workforce. This system has successfully been in operation for 12 years already and it is with great pride and joy that we have today, among our former students, business leaders and successful professionals whose first job was accomplished by our agency. This success is the end result of good planning, focus, and determination to achieve what you came to Australia for.

Our support services to find jobs include:

  • Preparation of resume
  • Referral for training courses
  • Guidance on how to seek employment and establish contacts
  • Contact with employers
  • Interview scheduling
  • Coaching and interview techniques
  • And many more

We cannot guarantee that you will be provided with a job as we are not the employers, however, we can promise that we will help our students to the best of our ability to get work in Australia, according to their competence and experience.

Local Support

24/7 Help

Our students who become members of the "SSHQ Student Service Club" have the local support they need to make the adaptation to their new life free from major problems.

Services provided include:

  • Opening bank account, cell phone account, instructions for obtaining and using the local transport ticket (Opal Card); use of health insurance and reimbursement; income tax return; superannuation fund and others.

  • Help to find new accommodation and advice on procedures for renting.

  • Support for job search, as described in "Help for Employment"

  • Guidance for additional courses and training that will help to get jobs faster.

The Service Club also has a good contact network that includes doctors, dentists, lawyers, accountants and other professionals willing to help our students when they need.

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Our Courses

English Courses

Should you need to do some additional studies to become fluent in the English language, we can advise you on a number of courses to suit your needs. You can start by doing General English which is a basic course all students do, and then continue studying more advanced courses that best meet your needs.

English courses available in addition to the General English course are:

Academic English

IELTS Preparation

Cambridge Preparation

EAP-English for Academic Purposes (*)

English for Health Professionals

OET - Occupational English Test Preparation

English for Business

Fluency & Pronunciation


General English Callan Method

(*)EAP is an advanced course for those going to attend university. Some Australian universities accept EAP certificate instead of Academic IELTS certificate.

Technical Courses

We can assist with Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses in the following areas:

Aged Care – covering 4 areas
Audio Production
Business Leadership and Management
Children Services (Childcare)
Commercial Cookery
Community Services
Digital Media – including animation, 3D, game design, film making and more
Entertainment Management
Graphic Design
Human Resources Management
Information Technology (several different courses)
Interior Design and Decoration
Music (several different courses)
Natural Therapies
Project Management
Tourism and Hospitality
Sport Fitness
Sport Recreation
Sport Coaching
Visual Communication

Note: We are mentioning here the favourite courses for most of overseas students. If you are looking for a specific course which is not in the above list, just contact us. We will be pleased to suggest other options to you.


Australian universities offer a wide variety of courses and are ranked among the world's best in areas such as Engineering, Information Technology, Medicine, Environmental Sciences, Accounting, Finance and Education. Australia is a pioneer in Long Distance Teaching.

Australian universities offer three types of higher education: bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctorate. The double bachelor degree programs are very common, especially in the areas of Humanities, Business, Law and Sciences, the end of which students get two diplomas.

There are 43 large universities in Australia plus other smaller institutions also offering higher education courses. In large universities the education system is traditionally academic, while in smaller institutions courses are more driven towards the practical application of each profession.

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Contacting Us

We are located in a place of easy access, close to a large number of schools and in the heart of Sydney on Kent Street, behind the Town Hall (City Hall) which is one of the "meeting points" of the city. You may visit us using the good public transport services in Sydney: the subway, known as the "train" or one of several bus lines that circulate in the city centre.

Our office hours: Monday to Friday, from 9:30hrs to 17:30hrs.

Superstudent Headquarters


Suite 401, Level 4
447 Kent St
Sydney 2000 NSW Australia